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Web Design

The Face of Your Business

We provide full service web pages for any type of business – from simple web pages to extensive e-commerce pages. Your needs and style are in the forefront of what we create, which ensures that we maintain consistency for your brand and create a website that you absolutely love.

Beautiful Design

Our websites are powered by WordPress, which allows us to easily and quickly design a website with you in mind. We can create a beautiful, stunning website that meets all of your needs for an affordable price. Everything we create is fully customized for our client, so you will never have to worry about your site looking like just another WordPress site.

Responsive Design

Because our websites are powered by WordPress, they are fully responsive straight out of the box. We also do extensive testing on multiple devices, including several tablets and phones, to ensure your site looks its best regardless of how your customers are viewing it.

Content Driven Design

Our websites are built around your content. We build your content first in order to create a website that includes all of the information that you want in a beautiful design that best displays that information. This allows us to fully take advantage of search engine optimization (SEO), and to make sure your website isn’t just beautiful – it is also useful.

Our Process

Our design process begins with getting to know you – our client. We want to create something beautiful that you will truly be happy with and excited about. This begins with getting a sense of your design style and what your brand is all about.

Goals & Research

Our first step is to gather information and to create concrete goals as to what you wish your website to accomplish. Do you want to create a store where you sell your product or are you looking to drive customers to your stores or do you have another goal in mind? These goals allow us to focus on your content and make sure that your website is doing exactly what you want it to do for your business.

Content Creation

We collect from you – or create it for you – all of the content that you wish to include on your website that will fill the basic page structure. This includes images of your business that you have along with descriptions of the images and all of the information on your website that you feel needs to be included. We can help you as much – or as little – as you need in this process by writing copy or even photography as needed.

Design & Layout

Once all the content is created, we create a beautiful design and layout that optimizes the content. We then fill in as needed with stock images to create a look that is as unique as your brand.

Client Feedback

Before we begin the coding process, we get your feedback to make sure that it is exactly what you want. This way we can address any issues that you have before we begin actually building the site.

Building Your Site

Once all of the content and layout have been approved, we begin the process of coding and building your site.  This is done in a testing environment that allows your current site to stay up until the new one is complete.

Edits & Finalization

After the site is built, we send it to you for any final edits and changes that need to be made. Afterward, we finalize everything and take your site live.

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